Keep notes synced across devices

In the latest version of the CapitolBuddy, the app will sync your notes when it is launched. And you can manually get your notes by clicking “Restore”.

Imagine this:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 29, 2013, 3.32.38 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 29, 2013, 3.33.10 PMYou’ve just taken some great notes and saved them after a meeting with Rep. Gordon Fox (RI) in the CapitolBuddy app on your iPad.

Then you head to lunch and want to talk something over with Rep. Grace Diaz that Rep. Fox had mentioned. So you pull out your iPhone and launch CapitolBuddy. It grabs the notes file you just saved from your meeting with Fox and when you open his profile on the phone, you see exactly what you had before.

You can then email the note to yourself, your colleagues, or Diaz with the click of a button.