Closing shop

Dear interested person,

I took on this project somewhat by accident almost two years ago when the non-profit I was working for needed a better way to access legislator information. I’m so proud that CapitolBuddy became a useful tool to create the change people are working for at their state capitols.

Now, I’ve reached a point where the things I learned from CapitolBuddy are taking me to new ventures. It’s been a hard decision to stop working on CapitolBuddy. But the challenges have become too much for this one person to continue tackling; and the interest has been too small to bring on more team members.

If you still need something to replace the hole that CapitolBuddy has left in your workflow. I can recommend OpenStates, a free app from Sunlight Foundation. TrackBill is another good one, that allows you to track legislation.

Better advocacy for the underdog organizations  is still something I’m passionate about. I hope to someday return to working on another project in that vein.

You can continue to follow my work on my personal blog and on twitter. Thanks for your interest.

-Paul Rolfe
Founder of CapitolBuddy


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