Version 1.0 of CapitolBuddy submitted

I’m waiting for the Apple Store to approve my new version of CapitolBuddy. I submitted the binary a few times actually, but kept finding little bugs to fix. But I’m letting this one go all the way through. I figure it’s better to have it out there at least. Updates go quicker than new submissions.

It is targeted to iOS 7, so update your iOS! (I think it looks prettier too.)

I was hoping I’d be able to add more states without requiring an update, but with every new product you add, Apple requires an app update. Good news is that once you buy a state, that data will just keep coming to you for the duration of the subscription.

So look for version 1.0 in the next couple weeks. The app is free, Rhode Island is free, everything else is $24.99/year. A price that beats everyone else I’ve seen…

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